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Mainers for Tax Fairness understands: We all depend on good schools, roads, parks, public safety, and clean water. But critical needs are going unmet because not everyone pays their fair share. Well-funded, well-connected special interests have manipulated our tax code over decades, allowing the wealthiest households and big corporations to avoid paying what they should.

SIGN HERE: Tell your elected officials in Augusta that it’s time to roll back tax cuts for the wealthiest. Tell them to close tax loopholes for corporations, so that we can invest in our communities and build an economy that works for everyone.

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Here are five ways Maine can act right now to clean up its tax code to make our system more fair for everyone.

Tax capital gains and stock dividends

These are generally claimed by only the wealthiest households, but are taxed the same as workers’ wages. A surcharge on this unearned income would create a new, targeted tax on the wealthiest households.

End the offshore tax haven loophole

Massive corporations like Pfizer, Exxon Mobil, and Google hide their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes, costing Maine up to $50 million per year. Maine can close this loophole and invest the revenue in our communities.

Make corporations pay their fair share

Maine can raise the top corporate tax rate on profits above $3.5 million, creating new revenue to invest in Maine without affecting our small businesses.

Strengthen Maine’s estate tax

Maine can repeal LePage-era estate tax cuts so that all estates worth more than $1 million pay what they should. This will restore a crucial investment to Maine’s working families and small businesses and help us rebuild an economy that works for everyone.

Un-rig Maine’s tax code

In Maine, a CEO who earns millions annually would pay the same top income tax rate as a middle-class worker with taxable income as low as $52,000. That’s not right. Raising the income tax for those on the top will help un-rig the tax code, help Maine’s COVID recovery, and fund investments that help all Mainers thrive, not just those at the top.

We need to build a better, fairer Maine.
By rolling back tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations, we can get more relief to those who need it most — from workers struggling to find work due to the pandemic; to cash-strapped schools forced to cut programs for students; to working families who need more affordable health care options.


These investments will help Maine families get through this crisis and be on an upward trajectory when it’s over.

Mainers For Tax Fairness Coalition

Helping to build a stronger economy, together.

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